Who are we?

Providing a child with a safe, nurturing and supportive environment is our primary focus when recruiting foster parents. Being a foster parent for FCGW is all about giving a child the guidance and support they need to develop and reach their full potential. We are looking for people who are able to offer a secure, safe environment for children and be able to show commitment to vulnerable children and young people.

There are many myths around about who can and can’t be a foster parent, however, and we accept enquiries from people from a variety of backgrounds.

What are our criteria for becoming a foster parent?

To be considered as an approved foster parent you need to be over the age of 21 and have a spare bedroom which you can provide for fostered children. We will complete a thorough assessment to identify your skills and suitability to care for children. We are required to complete a number of checks e.g. medical, police and local authority
You do not need to be married to foster. We consider people who are single, co-habiting, married or in a civil partnership. We also consider applications from people who already have children of their own and from people who have never had their own children. If you have children of your own in the household, their needs will be considered as part of the assessment process.

You do not need to own your own home to be a foster parent. We consider enquiries from people who live in rented accommodation. The main thing is that your home has enough space to provide children and young people with a safe secure environment.

At FCGW, we look at what experiences people have and discuss with you how those experiences can enable you to provide supportive and nurturing care for the children.

Do foster parent’s require any qualifications?

At FCGW, we do not require that you have any educational qualifications or relevant experience. We are looking for people who have an understanding of children and children’s needs and have the appropriate skills and qualities to support the children in all areas of their development.

Once you are approved as a foster parent, you will be given the opportunity to attend a range of specific training and can also complete the QCF Diploma in ‘Health and Social Care with Children and Young People’.