How much money do I get for being a foster parent with FCGW?

Foster Care Group Wales offer generous allowances in recognition of the important task carers carry out. The allowances for each foster parent vary according to the type of placement, whether there is one or more children placed. There are also different allowances for parent and child placement or caring for a child with complex health needs.

All our foster parents are paid on a monthly basis. Allowances are paid when children are in placement and we also provide a respite allowance up to 14 days a year.

The allowances you receive when a child is in placement is split into two payments the general allowance and the respite allowance.

General Allowance

The general allowance is provided to cover the day to day costs of caring for a child in placement and will cover the purchase of the following items:


Food (including eating out)
Toiletries and cleaning products General activities (such as cinema, swimming) Extra-curricular activities

School trips

Pocket-money, Money for savings, Every day travel costs, Birthdays,
In addition to the general allowance, we also provide an additional payment in December for Christmas presents.
*Link to Welsh Government website regarding guidance about this**

Respite Allowance

The ‘respite allowance’ is to cover fourteen nights of respite foster parents are entitled to when you have a child in placement. We suggest that all foster parents save this respite allowance every month so money is available for you when the children are placed with respite carers.

Additional Payments

In addition to your general and respite allowance, foster parents can obtain a further one off payment in recognition of achieving long service or gaining the QCF diploma qualification.

Employment Status

As a foster parent, you are identified by the HMRC as ‘self-employed’. All foster parents have specific tax relief which provides additional financial benefits. You will need to register with HMRC, please visit

Further Advice

If you have any queries regarding allowances and payments please request a call back or ring the office on 02920 689849. The links below might also be helpful.